Edgemere Interlocking tile


  • Improves air quality by absorbing harmful atmospheric pollutants (NOx)
  • Manufactured using circa 50% recycled materials
  • Can achieve an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification*
  • Accredited to the BES 6001 standard for responsible sourcing
  • Part of Marley Eternit’s sustainable building solutions
  • Watch the EcoLogic video

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Ready for the future of sustainable building, Ecologic is an innovative and unique concrete roof tile from Marley Eternit that actually absorbs NOx, and in doing so, improves air quality. Coupled to this, Ecologic roof tiles are manufactured using circa 50% recycled materials, making it one of the most environmentally beneficial and highly sustainable roofing products in the market today.

Ecologic has a unique granule finish that uses titanium dioxide (Ti02) catalysts in a combination of surface layers of granule and cement slurry coatings. The coating works as a photo-catalyst stimulated by sunlight to remove both forms of nitrogen oxide (NOx) that form nitrogen dioxide (NO2)  and nitric oxide (NO). These can cause respiratory problems and contribute to smog in built-up areas.

The NOx reacts with the titanium dioxide and sunlight to produce nitrates which are harmlessly washed from the surface of the tile by rain. In effect, a roof covered in Ecologic tiles acts as a giant air purifier removing atmospheric pollution.

Based on the popular Ludlow Major profile, Ecologic can achieve an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification*. In addition, certification to the BES 6001 framework standard for ‘Responsible Sourcing’ means that projects using EcoLogic can achieve extra credits under the BREEAM family of environmental assessment schemes. Click here to find out more.

(* element ref: 812410007, 812410018, 812410049)

Technical info

Size of Tile 420mm x 330mm
Minimum Pitch 30° Granular (75mm headlap)
Maximum Pitch 90°
Minimum Headlap 75mm
Maximum Gauge 345mm
Cover Width 295mm (nominal)
Covering Capacity 9.8 tiles /m² at 75mm headlap

10.6 tiles /m² at 100mm headlap

Weight of Tiling 45kg/m² (0.44 Kn/m²) at 75mm headlap

47kg/m² (0.48 Kn/m²) at 75mm headlap

Battens Required 2.9 lin.m/m² at 75mm headlap

3.1 lin.m/m² at 100mm headlap

Batten Size Recommended 38x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 450mm centres

50 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres

Tile Nails 55mm x 3.35mm
Hanging length 399mm (nominal)
Notes The effectiveness of the tile or slate to operate at the minimum recommended pitch and lap may be influenced by special circumstances. Guidance on pitch and lap should be obtained from the Technical Advisory Service for the following:
• Interlocking tiles and slates where the roof slope exceeds 6 metres in length and/or the site is rated to be in a severe exposure category.• Double-lap fibre cement slates where the roof slope exceeds 6 metres in length (severe/very severe exposure) and 9 metres in length (sheltered/moderate exposure).Nominal weight of roof tile fittings


Country of Production UK
Environmental Management 14001
Quality Management 9001
Health and Safety Management 18001
LCA study Can achieve an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification
Energy Cured under condtions of elevated temperatures
Raw materials Sand, concrete, pigments, paints, recycled aggregate and binders
Lifespan > 60 years
Recyclability Can be crushed and used as aggregate and/or as an inert bulk fill
Embodied Carbon Rates
Measurement metric No per sq m Headlap / gauge M₂ conversion
KgCO₂e 9.8  75  11.76
KgCO₂e 10.6  100  12.72